Areas of Practice

Brian and David BevonReal Estate

Are you are thinking about buying or selling property or are in the process of buying or selling? Are you refinancing your current loan or opening an Equity Line?  Call David and he will walk you through the process by letting you know what to expect and give you a detailed expectation of the cost involved. He will be there for you throughout the entire process.

Simple Estate Planning

Do you have small estate needs, such as a simple will and powers of attorney or you just want to make sure your plans are followed? Then David will meet with you and discuss your options and the most economical way for your wishes to be granted through your estate. He will also discuss other options such as Living Wills and Powers of Attorney.


Do you need help navigating the process of probating a loved one’s estate?   Brian can represent you in the difficult and time consuming aspects of handling an estate through the Probate Court.   Brian can also assist in appointing and supervising guardians and conservators, and other areas of the Probate Court.

Business Planning and Formation

Do you want to start a small business? Or interested in purchasing an existing business? David will help you make a plan and get started on the paperwork and filings you need to be up and running.

General Litigation

Have you been sued or believe you may have a cause of action against an individual or an entity?   Brian can represent you in a variety of litigation issues from personal injury claims including negligence, motor vehicle accidents, to employment or contract disputes, landlord/tenant issues.   Brian can assist you in all of you litigation needs.

Legal Counseling

Do you have a contract or lease to negotiate, a small conflict that you cannot resolve or any legal questions that you need answers to? David will sit down and talk to you, then advise you on the best route for you. If he cannot assist you, he will help you find someone who can.